The Abyssal Shaft Raid Party (unofficial name) was a full raid party assembled from members of Silver Sword, Log Horizon, and two others. In order to clear the Abyssal Shaft dungeon, Shiroe requested William Massachusetts' assistance in the endeavor.


After Kinjo refuses to assist Shiroe, he informs Shiroe of a "difficult fight" at the Kunie clan's base of operations at the bottom of the Depths of Palm. Taking this to mean a raid, Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Li Gan investigate this sealed-off raid zone known as the Abyssal Shaft. In order to get assistance while evading Minami's spies, Shiroe travels to Susukino in search of Silver Sword to request the guild's assistance.

Although William agrees to it, he informs Shiroe that Silver Sword no longer has enough members willing to participate in the raid; however, the addition of Demiqas and Tetora filling the roster for a full raid party, and Li Gan creates entrance passes for the members to enter the raid zone.

Despite facing difficulties and hardships during the entire raid with three raid bosses overpowering them at the same time, the raid party managed to triumph and successful cleared the dungeon.


Name Class Guild
First Party
Dinkuron Guardian Silver Sword
Ukiyo Cleric Silver Sword
Touko Kannagi Silver Sword
Azalea Summoner Silver Sword
HighlandSky Swashbuckler Silver Sword
Enkaatanto Bard Silver Sword
Second Party
Naotsugu Guardian Log Horizon
Tetora Cleric Light Indigo
Vuorinen Druid Silver Sword
Federico Swashbuckler Silver Sword
Demiqas Monk Brigandia
Shiroe Enchanter Log Horizon
Third Party
Junzou Samurai Silver Sword
Odiso Druid Silver Sword
William Massachusetts Assassin Silver Sword
BologneseMaster Assassin Silver Sword
Sasameyuki Summoner Silver Sword
Pianississimo Bard Silver Sword
Fourth Party
Ragoumaru Samurai Silver Sword
Kawatarou Nakai Kannagi Silver Sword
Eltendiska Assassin Silver Sword
Pororoca Sorcerer Silver Sword
Prometheus Sorcerer Silver Sword
Nantakei@Akiba Bard Silver Sword


First Party
  • First party (anime)
  • First party (light novel)
  • Referred to as the main shield party, it is the first defensive post (main tank), so warrior roles in party play are to be expected. In other words, the entire party is in charge of detaining the large boss, drawing and enduring the fierce attacks alone.
  • Usually, the first party would have 3 healers to raise survivability, but since the current strategy involves many two-front battles for <Abyssal Shaft>, in this case it it compensated by two guild members with high proficiency.
  • With Azalea around to support with <Phantasmal Heal>, one of the few recovery skills from a mage class, wide area support songs and recovery magic from Enkaatanto combined with support from other parties, the first party can endure severe attacks of the raid rank enemy. Protection from Ukiyo and Touko are the core tactic of this party, using strengthened wide range defensive magical spells like <Sacred Wall> and <Dispelling Barrier>, it is the most important part of Silver Sword's defense.
  • Dinkuron is the center of the party, and obviously the first defense. Wearing Phantasmal-class armor <Unbreakable> and shield <Rainbow Wall of the Midnight Sun>, his defensive ability is currently top-class in the server, leading the way into <Abyssal Shaft> raid as the best immovable shield.
Second Party
  • Second party (anime)
  • Second party (light novel)
  • Referred to as the search-and-kill unit, this is the secondary defense post (sub-tank). The party is arranged in a balanced offensive and defensive manner, and is in charge of covering enemies that were missed by the first party or are unexpected reinforcements. There is insufficient information on <Abyssal Shaft>, so this party is often the reconnaissance force.
  • The configuration of the party is set up in two pairs of Warrior and Healer (Demiqas and Vuorinen, Naotsugu and Tetora) for emphasis on survivability, they are also supposed to serve as the sub-tank party so they often fight on two fronts. From Silver Sword's perspective, Shiroe, Naotsugu, Tetora and Demiqas are put together as a guest party that are more than adequate to be part of the raid as a result of their high individual abilities; it's said that this was only possible due to Naotsugu's taunts.
  • Although at first it seems impressive, as if the movements of the members are following Demiqas' <Wyvern Kick> and <Phantom Step> jumping in and out of the front line, but Naotsugu is the second defense with Shiroe incorporating the movements of Demiqas as decoy in order to control the HP of the party.
  • Although the second party is a strange gathering, their key to victory is when each perform their individual roles to create balance their in combinations.
Third Party
  • Third party (anime)
  • Third party (light novel)
  • The strike force that focuses on efficiency of damage; weapon attacks are the core of this boss attack party. On the other hand, the defense of this party is considerably lower than the first two. It can be said that this is a sign of complete trust in the the first and second party.
  • With the support of Pianississimo, and under the command of William, the highlight is the cascade of power as they launch concentrated attacks of arrows and magic from behind the raid boss.
  • The warriors and and healers in this party have to deal with the least amount of enemies, so this party composition puts emphasis on attack rather than defense. With this configuration the DPS[Means damage per second, a term for the attacking forces in raids] of this party is the highest among the four parties.
  • Naturally, William is the center of this party. The HP of every enemy is shaved off by the tremendous force of skills like <Rapid Shot> and <Spark Shot> which are at Secret-rank, fired from the Phantasmal-class bow <Shoot the Moon>.
  • Not only does he use the full abilities of the <Assassin>, William also gives instructions during the fight and observes the surroundings, so he plays a big role in conquering <Abyssal Shaft>.
  • These groups are able to continue their strategies even in this new situation because of this young field commander who has become their spiritual support.
Fourth Party
  • Fourth party (anime)
  • Fourth party (light novel)
  • Fourth party, strike force that mainly deals with annihilation of enemies that appear around the boss.
  • There are many types of raid quests where you have to hunt bosses with powerful combat abilities, fights where you have to single out a powerful raid-rank monster in the middle of a melee exists as well.
  • To deal with enemies who rely on quantity rather than quality, two Sorcerers are placed in the fourth party. The main strategy of the fourth party is to reduce the amount of enemies using a wide range of area magic attacks from Sorcerers Pororoca and Prometheus, while Eltendiska uses <Sweeper> and Kawatarou Nakai uses <Mystic Spell of the Magatama> to deal the finishing blow on enemies missed by the other parties.
  • Of course, if it becomes a short distance battle with a single boss, their firepower is surpassed only by the third party.
  • Obviously, an enemy with 0 HP will not attack. In other words, high firepower is the best defense and lightens the load on the warrior and healer taking hits, this is essential in raid quests. Additionally, in <Abyssal Shaft>, there are time limited situations where you must eliminate enemies before reinforcements arrive, making high firepower even more important.
  • Nantakei@Akiba is actually the center of this party. He can double the attack of power of his party with exquisitely-timed support using <Maestro Echo>, <Battle Conduct> and <Onslaught Prelude>, it can even be said that he alone can fill the roles of two attack positions.