The Akiba Guild Hall Raid Party was formed by members of Log Horizon, the Crescent Moon Alliance, plus Lelia Mofur and Litka Mofur to combat the Genius Eirenus.[1] Shiroe entrusted Minori with the task of finding raid party members and taking down the Genius, as he was in no capability to do so due to Eirenus' ability.


Because of Eirenus' ability, the levels of any player over level 65 was suppressed to level 35; however, those level 65 or under, whether normally or because of the Teacher System, are unaffected. As a result, the entire raid party consists of players under level 66; Akatsuki, who would normally be at level 93, was using the Teacher System on the level 59 Minori when the raid began, was recognized as a level 59 player and thus didn't not have her level suppressed to level 35.


Name Rank Team Class Guild
Minori Leader A Kannagi Log Horizon
Tohya Tank A Samurai Log Horizon
Litka Mofur Member A Druid
Komomo Member A Swashbuckler* Crescent Moon Alliance
Akatsuki Member A Assassin Log Horizon
Ashlynn Member A Enchanter Crescent Moon Alliance
Mezamashi Tomete Member B Guardian Crescent Moon Alliance
Serara Member B Druid Crescent Moon Alliance
Kuu Member B Cleric Crescent Moon Alliance
Yupia Member B Kannagi Crescent Moon Alliance
Masuda Member B Bard Crescent Moon Alliance
Mil(17)ky Member B Swashbuckler Crescent Moon Alliance
Shinobu Michi-nya Member C Samurai Crescent Moon Alliance
tateWaki Member C Druid Crescent Moon Alliance
Radibu Member C Kannagi Crescent Moon Alliance
Isuzu Member C Bard Log Horizon
Rundelhous Code Member C Sorcerer Log Horizon
Nagi Member C Sorcerer Crescent Moon Alliance
Lelia Mofur Member D Monk
Kotaro Member D Druid Crescent Moon Alliance
Yuzu Member D Druid Crescent Moon Alliance
Death Gazer Member D Assassin Crescent Moon Alliance
†...Seiya...† Member D Assassin Crescent Moon Alliance
Pekopeko Pizza Member D Assassin Crescent Moon Alliance

*On the Log Horizon Database, Komomo's data entry lists him as a Cleric, but he is a Swashbuckler in the Anime Settings Book and the mobile game.[1]


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