The Akihabara Newspaper is the main form of mass media within the city of Akihabara.


The Akihabara Newspaper is in basic magazine format with pictures and type.


With the establishment of the Round Table Alliance, the citizens needed to be informed of all new inventions, discoveries, coming events and other news every day. As a result, the daily Akihabara Newspaper was created to fulfill that need. It appears to have been created by way of a printing press, which is another innovation that did not previously exist in Elder Tale. In this way, many copies can be made and spread quickly around a large area, rather than having to make each copy by hand. 

The first issue of the newspaper announced the construction of the Ocypete.

After the murderer's persistent attacks, one of the newspaper headlines mentions it.[1]


  1. Log Horizon 2 Anime, Episode 5: Christmas Eve

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