An Invitation from Eastal (イースタルからの招待状) is the 11th episode of the Log Horizon anime. It first aired on December 17, 2013.


While hunting, two People of the Land notice a strange phenomenon over the forest. Meanwhile. with Akihabara now bustling with activity, Naotsugu and Akatsuki take Tohya and Minori under their wing for training. As Shiroe also starts experimenting with his scribe subclass, Maryelle starts craving to visit the beach. This gives Shiroe the idea to hold a summer training camp for new players.

Maryelle Beach

Maryelle enjoying herself at the beach.

Soon after, emissaries of the Eastal League of Free Cities arrive at Akihabara to invite the Round Table Alliance to a meeting and a ball. Having already anticipated this, Shiroe informs Krusty that it would be a prime opportunity to learn more about the People of the Land, and along with Michitaka, Henrietta, Akatsuki and Takayama Misa, he sets off the following month. At the same time, the training camp also sets off to Choushi where they end up having fun at the beach. Maryelle and Minori also speak to People of the Land as part of Shiroe's suggestion that they learn as much as they can. Elsewhere, the Round Table representatives arrive at The Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice and meet with Serjiad Corwen during the ball. As Krusty and Serjiad begin a discussion, Shiroe notes that both the Adventurers and the People of the Land are wary of the other.


Krusty conversing with Serjiad.

Finally, as Princess Rayneshia graces the dance with her presence, Naotsugu informs the trainees that they will head into the Ragranda Forest dungeon for party training the next day.