The Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice is an old structure built by the Alv race and is governed by the Eastal League of Free Cities, although there is currently no distinct owner. It was constructed on a foundation of magical ice and rises skyward with spires overlooking broad, tree-filled courtyards.

Relative to Akiba, it is located where Tokyo's Hamarikyu Gardens is to the present-day Akihabara district. In game terms, this means it is approximately a two-hour horse ride from Akiba. The scenery along the route between the two locations resembles that of downtown Akiba—dilapidated remnants of modern-style buildings overgrown with moss and vines.

The palace is guarded by a large group of guards.


The Eastal League of Free Cities and other People of the Land nobles gather here once or twice a year, in what is called a Conference of Lords, to focus on various topics, including:

  • Political issues
  • Improving relationships amongst themselves
  • Providing opportunities for their children to debut in noble society
  • Conducting horse racing
  • Bringing up marriage pacts between nobles
  • Helping each other in the face of monsters
  • Advertising new ingredients or dishes that potentially bring wealth
  • Negotiate trade agreements or boundary disputes

Each city sends one representative, two advisers, and four to five other attendances. Some representatives also bring their children. In total, the attendance at each meeting can include hundreds of participants and guests.

In addition to meetings, these events also include opportunities for formal dancing and socializing. Many attendees wear Western-style formal-wear—tailcoats and ballroom dresses—due to the setting of the game.

The main focus of the Conference of Lords after the May Incident was to determine the scope of ambitions of the Adventurers and to negotiate trade agreements and technology-sharing. Initially, the nobles had little interest or requests for troops until the Return of the Goblin King event. With the absence of the Knights of Izumo, the combat abilities of the Adventurers are now looked upon to defend the land. However, unlike before the May Incident, the Adventurers are not necessarily obligated to accept any demands from the nobility and therefore, the nobles cannot just order them into battle. However, because of Rayneshia's actions, the Adventurers agreed to assist them.

After the Goblin hordes had been dealt with, the Adventurers and the League signed a peace treaty and free-trade agreement.