Appletta (also spelled "Apret") is a Lander noble and an acquaintance of Rayneshia's. She is the daughter of Marquis Lester and is often seen with Fuevel.


Appletta has brown, wavy hair that she puts into pigtails. She usually wears an orange, tiered-skirt dress. She stands at 153 cm.[2]


Appletta seems to be gossipy and is called the "Mistress of Rumors," but has nonetheless has gotten engaged with a man whom she gets along well with.[3][1]


Conference of the Lords arc

Along with Rayneshia and Fuevel, Appletta came of age during the year of the Catastrophe and debuted at the annual Conference of the Lords.[4] Both she and Fuevel were quickly enamored with the powerful and mannerly Krusty, becoming excited when he easily bested one of their best knights.

Return of the Goblin King arc

During the celebratory feast after the extermination of the main Goblin force, Appletta, Fuevel, and some other Lander children are gathered around, listening to a mysterious storyteller talking about a "great hero" as Shiroe passes by. Like the others, Appletta is disappointed when the storyteller leaves the ending of the story a mystery.

Collapse of the Round Table arc

During a tea party with Rayneshia, Rayneshia notes that Appletta and Fuevel both have rings that signify that they are engaged. The two chatter happily about the men they are betrothed to, while Rayneshia dejectedly notes to herself that she is at the age where she gets involved in political marriages.


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