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Possession complete.
Azalea, beginning scouting.
Azalea, Abyssal Shaft Raid Party description

Azalea is a Half-Alv Summoner-Tailor and a member of Silver Sword. He is a member of the first party in the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party.


Azalea has unruly, short hair. He wears a particularly large robe and has his Magic Bags around his waist.


As a member of the scouting team, Azalea is unafraid to sacrifice himself multiple times for the sake of gaining information.


Gold of the Kunie arcEdit

Azalea anime

Azalea in the anime

After William Massachusetts is requested by Shiroe to assist in the Abyssal Shaft raid, Azalea is placed in the first party, where he uses his healing Summons to assist Dinkuron.

Before the raid party challenges Ruseato again, Azalea uses a Carbuncle to scout for any changes in the raid boss' movements.[1]


His build revolves around Summon: Arachne for scouting and Phantasmal Heal. In the anime, he is seen using a Carbuncle with Soul Possession to watch Ruseato of Seven Prison.


  • Although he was placed in the first party on Mamare's website, the light novel states that he was in the fourth party.
  • He shares a voice actor with Taro, Charasin's Wolf Fang assistant.


  1. Log Horizon 2 anime, episode 11: Retry


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