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Black Sword Knights (translated as the Knights of the Black Sword by Yen On) is a guild in Elder Tale lead by Isaac that only accepts members that are level 85 or higher.


Black Sword Knights is a guild founded by Black Sword Isaac. Known for being elitist and considered as a pure-blooded battle guild, it has the policy of only accepting members that are on level 85 or higher. Due to this policy that they upheld even after the Apocalypse, potential members are limited, making it possible for rival guilds like D.D.D to overtake them in numbers and strength.

After the Catastrophe, in order to keep up with their competition and lower the dangers of fighting high-level enemies, the guild bought low-level players' EXP Holy Water from Hamelin in order to help them breach the level cap. However, these transactions stopped after the formation of the Round Table Alliance, an alliance of guilds wherein Black Sword Knights is a member, and the dissolution of Hamelin.

The Black Sword Knights mainly consist of male players, as several members complain to Soujiro about the dearth of female players on their team and the departure of most of their female players from their guild -- only to learn that most of said female players had asked to join the West Wind Brigade. It is unknown whether or not Isaac sees female players as "inferior" which explains the lack of them within the Black Sword Knights, as he tells the two members that he "doesn't need no girls that can't keep up with [them]."[2]

During the Summer Training Camp held by the Round Table Alliance, several members, including Rezarick, attend. Most of the members go to Sand Leaf, and Rezarick goes with Nyanta and Naotsugu to Ragranda Forest. They helped in the defense of the group and fought with the other members against the fish goblins.


Although the guild technically has an organization structure and chart, most members do whatever they wish and ignore the structure, forcing Rezarick to shoulder all the administrative duties on his own. However, with the implementation of the People of the Land Support Department, most of the work has been shifted there. The guild also has an external organization, the Black Sword Support Team.[3]

The parties are held together by feelings and moods. The group's slogan is "Let's go hard!" They created policies like creating matching mantles for each member, which was very popular. Each member has a guild tag that looks like the Black Sword of Pain with their own name on it. After the Catastrophe, the produced guild tags of members who weren't logged in are kept by Isaac.


Though considered arrogant by some, Black Sword Knights is undeniably one of the top battle guilds in Akihabara. However, due to their entry restriction, their members are considerably fewer in number compared to other top battle guilds. With this in mind, the guild decided to focus on quality over quantity. Namely, this involved increasing the level of their current membership above the previous 90 maximum level cap. To this end, they utilized low-level player's EXP pots, which they bought from Hamelin.[4]


Name Rank Class Status
Isaac Guild Master/Chief Guardian Active
Don Masudi Vice-Chief Unknown Active
Freed Kamikaze Attack Commanding Officer Unknown Active
Yumil Kamikaze Attack Assistant Unknown Active
Paulus Guerrilla leader Unknown Active
Zekka Eagle Monarch's Guards Commanding Officer Unknown Active
Rezarick Quartermaster Cleric Active
Kinou no Wanko Member Samurai Active
Kirin-chan Member Summoner Active


  • The Yen On official English translation uses "Knights of the Black Sword" rather than "Black Sword Knights." Grammatically speaking, the former is the more logical name, since the guild takes its name after Isaac, the Black Sword.
  • Before Isaac acquired the Black Sword of Pain, the guild went by a different name.


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