Break Trigger is is a Swashbuckler skill.

Description Edit

A finishing move that detonates all markers set on enemies at once. When activated, it triggers a chain reaction of explosions, dealing a great amount of damage. Although its cooldown makes it inconvenient to use in rapid succession, it depends on a longer set-up time due to its dependence on the amount of markers on an enemy. For this reason, perfect timing is essential to maximize the effects of this skill in the thick of battle. In boss fights or in encounters with high-HP mobs, the chances of setting up markers for Break Trigger increase a lot, so high-end parties often rely on this skill. Because of its "exploding" effect, this skill is often called "bomb" or "fireworks" ("setting up the bomb/fireworks" in a sense) and is a mesmerizing moment for allies to watch when triggered.

References Edit

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