Brewer is one of the 10 production subclasses in Elder Tale.


Nyanta gets sake from a brewmaster

Brewers are able to make alcoholic drinks and seasonings. After the Catastrophe, players discovered that some fermented dishes were best made by brewers or dairy farmers, not chefs.[1]

Brewer Skills

As their name implies, a brewer's main occupation is to create alcoholic beverages and seasonings. However, after the Catastrophe, brewers began to discover that they can create beverages and seasonings not native to Elder Tale. As it was found that food can be made with flavor, drinks can also be made to taste as they did in the real world. One of the first tastes to be discovered was cherry-flavored sake. Other flavors that were rediscovered and introduced to Elder Tale included soy sauce and teriyaki.

Known Brewers


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