Canossa is a Player Killing guild in Elder Tale.


Canossa is one of the PK guilds that gained notoriety around Akihabara after the Catastrophe. They ambushed players around Akihabara in order to loot the items and gold they drop after their deaths.[1]

Other MediaEdit

Log Horizon: West Wind BrigadeEdit

Canossa, like Hamelin and Blue Impact, was a PK guild that killed Players at Magus' behest in exchange for EXP Pots[2]. Their notoriety gained them the hate of Soujiro Seta, guild master of the West Wind Brigade. After Soujirou "persuades" Isaac to assist him in killing the PKers, the members of the West Wind Brigade lure Canossa and Blue Impact into a spot so Soujiro and Isaac could kill them. What happens to them afterwards is unknown.


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