The Cathedral (大聖堂 or 大神殿) is a huge building in Adventurer Cities where players who are killed in Elder Tale revive.


After the Catastrophe, players are unsure whether this revival feature still works. However, it is soon determined that players who are killed in Elder Tale still revive at the Cathedral, just as they did before the Catastrophe. Thus, even in-game death does not allow players to exit from the game. This discovery also leads to a rise in Player Killing.[1] When entering any location with a Cathedral, Adventurers are instantly bound to that Cathedral and will revive there unless they come upon another Cathedral or Shrine.

In Minami, Nureha managed to buy the Cathedral and thus had power over the lives of any player who dies with Minami, as his or her revival point was under her control. It is known that those players will not revive (or at least, not at that Cathedral), but it is unknown what happens to them besides that.


Shrines serve the same purpose as a Cathedral, although they are not located in Adventurer Cities. They can be found from Lander cities to the wilderness, making it both useful and highly dangerous depending on the situation an Adventurer is in.

There is also a certain type of shrine that can act as portable Cathedrals; for example, the Odysseia Knights, a suicide cult branch of Plant Hwyaden, somehow came to possess the Portable Shrine of Boreas. Tohya's Party, along with Roe2 and Dariella, came across the shrine along with them as they carried it in their hunt for monsters. When any Adventurer who comes in contact with it dies, they respawn at this Shrine. The Odysseia Knights use this to perpetually enter battle, killing monsters while killing themselves, then respawning at the Shrine and continuing the fight.



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