"Chasing After Them" is the nineteenth episode of the Log Horizon anime. It aired on February 8, 2014.


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Minori and the rest of the training camp members take a break while Maryelle, Naotsugu, and Nyanta discuss the current situation. While Tohya and Rudy enthusiastically munch on their food, Isuzu watches worriedly while Minori asks Serara for a favor.

Krusty's side

Upon arriving on the battlefield, Takayama Misa puts a magic salve on Rayneshia's eyelids, enabling her to see events unfold closeup as Krusty's group engages the Goblin army in battle at the Kasumi Lake. Although the goblin army far outnumbered the Adventurers, as the first wave of goblins charge, they are blasted by a long range magic barrage. Misa advises Krusty in the vanguard of the ebb and flow of the battle. A larger mob-like goblin force charges the advancing disciplined Adventurer army. Two mages cover Krusty as he repeatedly cuts down goblins, then releases a massive blow that not only destroys a large number of the enemy but cuts a small canyon into the ground.

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Magic bombardment

As Rayneshia watches in amazement, Misa calmly informs Krusty that goblin reinforcements in the form of two Hill Giants have arrived. Krusty, standing in the line of fire, calmly signals for a magic barrage on the giants, then personally kills one of them. As Rayneshia watches, she realizes that he is enjoying the fight, he also appears lonely.

Shiroe side

Meanwhile, at the headquarters established at the Midraunt Equestrian Park, five women operate the telepathic communication network as Charasin explains how it enables the constant flow of information throughout the army. Shiroe explains the pivotal role that Choushi Town plays in his plan to contain the goblin advancement. Akatsuki asks if her lord will be head into battle, but he tells her that he needed to remain and oversee the entire battle. Disappointed, she moves her hand away from the hilt of her weapon.

Defending Choushi

Back in Choushi, Isuzu worries over Rudy, but he claims to be just fine. As Minori and Tohya are patrolling over the bridge, she sees something out in the water and summons the camp leaders. When they arrive, they see at least a thousand Sahuagin monsters in the distance moving towards Choushi. The trainees, led by Tohya and encouraged by Naotsugu, persuade Maryelle to let them defend the town. As soon as Maryelle gives the order fight, Minori takes charge of the trainees. When Shiroe is informed of the situation in Choushi, he orders the Ocypete to hurry to reinforce the sixty adventurers defending the town.

While waiting for their MP to recover, Naotsugu and Nyanta watch Tohya's Party fight and comment on their improved battle skills. Most notably, Minori keeps constant watch over the battle her party's health, enemy location, everything in attempt to duplicate Shiroe's Full-Control Encounter tactic. As the battle of Choushi wears on, we learn the favor Minori asked of Serara was to set up Shrieker Echo as an alarm against surprise attacks. As the alarm sounds, Minori's group takes off to defend other parts of the town just as Shiroe informs Maryelle of the arrival of reinforcements in another hour.

With the battle taking a huge toll on them, Minori's group soon finds themselves slowly overpowered against a group of hobgoblins and dire wolves, which also had higher levels than them. As Tohya's HP reaches critical levels, Minori starts losing control of the battle. However, Rudy suddenly charges at the two wolves with his magical gauntlets and kills them in a suicide attack.


Minori's desperate plea

In the aftermath, Serara and Minori try in vain to heal and revive him. Tearfully realizing the inevitable, Isuzu explains his nature as a Lander, which meant that he would die permanently. Refusing to give up, Minori immediately asks Shiroe for his aid.