Christmas Eve is the fifth episode of the Log Horizon 2 anime.


The Akihabara Newspaper's headline reads "The serial killer strikes again". The scene pulls back to a cheerful Christmas decorated snowy street. Members of Dread Pack discuss how the killings are affecting sales, and Rikopin questions why the Royal Guard haven't shown up. Shiroe explains who and what the Royal guard are.

That night, a patrol from Honesty is attacked and killed by the same murderer. The next day, in the Round Table chambers Eins remarks that the patrol were some of his guild's best adventurers. Maryelle tells the Alliance members that the culprit's name is Enbart Nelles, with no guild affiliation, Samurai class, and at level 94. Members of the Alliance are annoyed that even with this information they are no closer to catching him. Various suggestions are aired for dealing with the situation, but none are considered practical. Maryelle suggests evacuating the lower class "kids", a suggestion that Woodstock W agrees with. Then he asks her about Shiroe, who kept missing the meetings despite organizing them. Maryelle nervously explains that he is trying to handle their financial problems. Eins listens on, suspicious.

Log horizon

On top of the Log Horizon guild building, Nyanta informs Tohya and Minori that players below level 50 have been requested to travel to Sand Leaf to help fight Goblins. However, Tohya protests, asking Nyanta if that is just a cover story to get the "kids" to safety. Stating he doesn't want special treatment Nyanta reminds him reviving is a special treatment that he should not take for granted. Minori sees Akatsuki's dinner still on the table and worries about her continued absence. Akatsuki is patrolling the city rooftop to rooftop.

West Wind Brigade

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Inside the West Wind Brigade's Headquarters Soujiro Seta and Nazuna are briefing the guild. As he closes Seta's face and voice turn ominous with the order '"murder them". While members of the West Wind Brigade patrol the streets, Kyouko and Nazuna are talking in the dinning area. Soujiro sits anlone and motionless in the meeting hall until he receives a call from Shiroe. Nazuna breaks in to tell him one of there parties has engaged the murderer.

Watermaple Consulate

Rayneshia meets with Kinjo of the Kunie Clan. He informs he that a suit of Royal Guard Movable Armor has been stolen. The suspect is a member of his clan. he explains the armor is powered by a city wide magic circle giving it power greater than an adventurer. When Rayneshia asks if there is anything the Kunie clan can do. He tells her if they shut down the magic circle it will also shut down the city's protection against monsters. Plus it will take decades to turn back on. On the window ledge outside Akatsuki hears the entire
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conversation. After Kinjo has left Akatsuki enters the room to find Rayneshia talking to herself face buried in the couch arm. When she asks herself what should she do Akatsuki tells her to talk to the Round Table. After a few more exchanges Rayneshia finally realizes she is not alone. As they talk over tea, and the red bean buns Akatsuki brought, the women discuss the situation. After seeing how hard the princess it trying Akatsuki volunteers to find the murderer.

A brief glimpse of Shiroe , Naotsugu and the others fighting a Raid Boss

Fight in the City

Isami and Kawara attack Nelles and are thrown across the street. Just as the murderer is about kill Isami, Soujiro arrives blocking the blow. As Soujiro and Nelles fight in the ally Nazuna analyzes the battle. Akatsuki patrolling the streets hears and joins the fight. She quickly uses most of her skills to little effect. Soujiro orders his guild members to withdraw while he and Akatsuki continue the fight.

Another quick look as Shiroe's raid party is whipped out.

Soon Nelles overpowers both of them. Akatsuki's last thought is of "My lord".



  • The scene with Nyanta, Tohya, and Minori is anime-original. In the light novel, we don't know what they are doing during this time.