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"Contract" is the twentieth episode of the Log Horizon anime. It aired on February 15, 2014.


Shiroe leaves the command center to attend Minori's plea, flying to Choushi with Akatsuki on his griffin. With what he learned from Li Gan at his mind, Shiroe instructs them to keep casting resurrection magic on Rudy until he arrives, while he makes his own preparations to help him.

Meanwhile, reinforcements arrive to assist the adventurers fighting the Sahuagin at the beach while Krusty, having decimated the majority of the goblins with his forces, prepares himself to confront their general.

Upon meeting Minori and the others, Shiroe shares his MP with the rest of the party, including Rudy, and uses Revival Incense

Revival Incense

to temporarily revive him. Once recovering his conscience, Rudy is asked by Shiroe to sign a contract with him, using a piece of paper he crafted using his Scribe abilities combined with his magic. In the contract, Rudy agrees to join Log Horizon, in exchange for being granted the status of Adventurer. Upon signing the contract, Rudy dies just to be later revived at the Cathedral, where he is reprimanded by Isuzu for being reckless, and promises to never do such thing again before they reconcile.

The Goblin General

On Krusty's side, his party confronts and defeats the Goblin General, putting an end to the Goblin invasion.