The Crescent Burger was a fast-food item sold by the food stand operated by the Crescent Moon Alliance. It was the food stand's most popular product.


The Crescent Burger is basically a grilled meat patty served on a bun with lettuce, tomato and a secret sauce. Apparently the meat is either from young deer or from Imperial Forest Boar. It is sold in a pink wrapper with the Crescent Alliance logo. The size of the burger is approximately that of a regular quarter-pounder.

The deluxe version or Super Crescent Burger is twice as expensive and is presumably larger, (perhaps a double quarter-pounder). Despite the increase in price, customers were still willing to pay in order to taste real food again.




The Crescent Burger was the first food item served to the Akiba public that was not created using the Command Menu, but rather by the new cooking method discovered by Nyanta. As a result, it actually tasted like a real hamburger and immediately became a best-seller, despite its relatively high price of 15 gold.[1]

It become popular with not only Adventurers, but also with the People of the Land, sparking a revolution in cooking and ingredient gathering. Rundelhous Code was seen eating one and became a devoted fan of hot sandwiches from a store that opened as a result of the new revolution. Though its sales were high, the Crescent Burger's main goal was to attract the attention of the major Production Guilds, as part of Shiroe's plan to purchase the Guild Meeting Hall.

The burger was still being sold during the time of Princess Rayneshia's visit, as she is given one to eat by some of the members of the Crescent Moon Alliance.[2]


The super-burger.

The Crescent Burger makes a huge comeback during the Libra Festival, giving more players and the People of the Land a chance to eat the burger at a lower cost. There is also a super-sized version of the Crescent Burger with multiple patties, cheese, and avocado added to it.


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