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Crescent Moon is the 7th episode of the Log Horizon anime. It first aired on November 16, 2013.


The episode begins with Shiroe talking about the only currency of Elder Tale which is gold. Standard cost for single meal is five golds, a night at cheap inn is ten golds, and it will cost 35 gold for a single day to supply basic needs. Then Shiroe states that defeating six goblins can earn 35 gold. Also, adventurers can deposit their money and items in guild building's bank to keep them from being stolen. One person has limited space for his account.

Shiroe tells Henrietta and Maryelle that he needs five million gold. Henrietta tells Shiroe that the Crescent Moon Alliance only has sixty thousand gold and that include all the guild's member belongings. Maryelle asks the purpose for the money but Shiroe just adjusts his glasses and smirks.


In the Imperial Garden Forest Naotsugu, Shouryuu, and Hien attempt to capture Imperial Forest Boar. They cannot kill the boar as it will turn into an ingredient items which is only two kilogram meat. However, if they capture the boar a good cook can use entire thing. Naotsugu uses Anchor Howl to freeze several boars while Shouryuu and Hien capture them. Meanwhile back at Crescent Moon Headquarters other guild members are working on a carpentry project while Asuka, Liliana, and Ashlynn are trying on maids outfits. In the kitchen the guild's chefs are practicing their cooking skill with Nyanta giving advice. From behind a barrel Serara is crushing on Nyanta.

Maryelle is distressed because she hasn't left her office for three days due to all the paperwork. Suddenly, Henrietta enters with another pile of paperwork. Shiroe then also enters bringing even more paperwork. Henrietta told Shiroe that she already compiled a list for Shiroe request. Shiroe and Maryelle praise her because of her work. Henrietta then told that her fatigue can be replenished by having Akatsuki in her side. Shiroe told Henrietta that she can have Akatsuki when Akatsuki had done with her mission. On the other side, Akatsuki felt a chill out of the blue. At the moment, she was following a Hamelin member, who was selling EXP Pots to a man from the Black Sword Knights.

Naotsugu and the other guild members return with the captured boars and other animals. Maryelle attack hugs Naotsugu as thanks. Hien teases Shouryuu about this as he has a crush on Maryelle. Maryelle also thanks Hien and Shouryuu, and Shouryuu blushes, but tells them the boar meat isn't enough. Shouryuu runs off into the forest again, fired up, but Maryelle it seems doesn't realize that Shouryuu is doing it for her.

Screenshot (359)

The Glasses

Maryelle literally gets buried under even more paperwork. As Henrietta returns to her own work, Maryelle cries out The glasses all frighten her. The carpentry project is revealed as The Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand. Henrietta recalls the conversation she had with Shiroe. Naotsugu, carrying a plate of food, enters a darkened guild office finding Maryelle collapsed among mountains of paperwork. As she revives he thanks her for supporting Shiroe.

Crescent Burger

Screenshot (363)

It tastes like a hamburger.

The next morning Dolce, Isami, and Kawara are discussing getting something to eat. Rikopin and Smash are talking nearby. Maryelle begins to call out to those present. She announces The Crescent Moon has discovered a way to bring real taste to food. After a little persuasion Rikopin is the first to taste a Crescent Burger. After she tearfully announces that it tastes like a hamburger All those present rush to taste real food. Quickly the word spreads reaching to the guild masters. When the news reaches Michitaka he realizes this will change everything and orders his subordinate to investigate.

Back in the forest the hunting party has filled there wagon. As they get ready to head back Shouryuu decides to stay behind to continue the hunt. When the wagon leaves he is confronted by the area boss a gigantic boar.

Back in the Guild office Henrietta tells Maryelle and Shiroe today's sales were 43,776 gold representing 1,159 customers spending an average of 38 gold each. An excited Maryelle exclaims they will earn the 5 million in no time. Shiroe corrects her telling her at that rate it will take four months. As Henrietta leaves to deposit their earning in the bank. Maryelle expresses her doubts that she will be able to do her part in the next phase of the plan. Shiroe tells her to leave it to Henrietta.

As Henrietta traps Akatsuki in the hallway of the guild headquarters we get an explanation of the limits the owner of a zone can place on it. Henrietta dresses Akatsuki in the same maid outfit the others have been wearing at the food stand. As she starts to relieve her fatigue an exhausted Shouryuu returns caring the giant boar. Collapsing he doesn't hear Nyanta tell the others he can't use giant boar due to the taste.

Shiroe contacts Minori telling her of current events and asking her to hold just a little longer.

West Wind Brigade

Outside at night Shiroe and Nyanta are discussing before when it was just a game all the building were just background but now they were all for sell. The meet Soujiro Seta after clearing up why Shiroe did not join his guild. Shiroe asks for his help which he gives without question.

The next day the West Wind Brigade is helping at the food stand when Dolce asks if this all Shiroe wanted Soujiro responds there is no end to Shiroe's plans.

Standing in front of the main guild building Shiroe announces it is time for phase two.