The Crescent Moon Alliance ("Crescent Moon League" in Yen Press' translation) is a small guild on the Yamato server. In spite of its small size, however, a number of its members play major roles in the story.


At the start of the series, the Crescent Moon Alliance is a small guild with fewer than 30 members (only 19 were online at the time of the Catastrophe). The level of the guild's members is also low—only four players are level 90, and over half of the remaining members are below level 50.[2] By the 5th volume of the Light Novel, the guild's membership had grown to 65 members.[3] Despite its small size, the guild is a member of the Round Table Alliance. Crescent Moon Alliance is seen to be a guild for training low-level players (e.g. the summer training camp at Choushi Town) and a sister guild of Log Horizon due to frequency of interactions.

Guild HallEdit

At the beginning of the series, the Crescent Moon Alliance occupies a seven-room "B Class" Guild Hall in the main guild building in Akiba. This seven-room hall is divided into four general rooms, a workshop, a storehouse, and a meeting room. Maryelle describes the hall as "user-friendly."[2]

As the security situation in Akiba deteriorates after the Catastrophe, the Crescent Moon Alliance's guild hall—under the watchful care of the guild's leaders—remains a secure refuge for its fellow members.

The hall is wood-paneled and has the warm, comfortable atmosphere of a family home. Decorations include stuffed animals, beige-lace curtains, and a huge tapestry with the image of a dog.[4]

One of the rooms is the Guild Master's official office (執務室).  However, the only thing about the room that earns it that title is the large desk piled with papers. Otherwise, the room is coordinated in pastel colors as though it's Maryelle's private domain.[2]

In the light novel, Mareylle remarks that the monthly upkeep cost for the seven-room guild hall is 80 gold coins.[4]


Name Rank Class Status
Maryelle Guild Master Cleric Active
Henrietta Accountant and Adjutant Bard Active
Shouryuu Battle Team Leader Swashbuckler Active
Eisel Purchasing Team Leader Sorcerer Active
Hien Team Leader Assassin Active
Asuka Team Leader Kannagi Active
Liliana Team Leader Druid Active
Girov Head Chef Summoner Active
Ninjin Second Chef Summoner Active
Serara Member Druid Active
Yoshinaka Member Samurai Active
Meifa Member Summoner Active
Ashlynn Member Enchanter Active
Tomari Member - Active
Bulitt Member Monk Active
Violette Member Unknown Active
Sherry Member Unknown Active
†...Seiya...† Member (rescued from Hamelin) Assassin Active
Nagi Member (rescued from Hamelin) Sorcerer Active
Death Gazer Member (rescued from Hamelin) Assassin Active
tateWaki Member (rescued from Hamelin) Druid Active
Pekopeko Pizza Member (rescued from Hamelin) Assassin Active
Shinobu Michi-nya Member (rescued from Hamelin) Samurai Active
Mezamashi Tomete Member (rescued from Hamelin) Guardian Active
Masuda Member (rescued from Hamelin) Bard Active
Mil(17)ky Member (rescued from Hamelin) Swashbuckler Active
Komomo Member (rescued from Hamelin) Swashbuckler Active
Yuzu Member (rescued from Hamelin) Druid Active
Kuu Member (rescued from Hamelin) Cleric Active
Kotaro Member (rescued from Hamelin) Druid Active
Yupia Member (rescued from Hamelin) Kannagi Active
Radibu Member (rescued from Hamelin) Kannagi Active
Isuzu Former Member (joined Log Horizon) Bard Left Guild


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