The D3-Hub is a guild union formed by, and the spiritual successor of, the former guild D.D.D after its leaders, in the wake of Krusty's absence and the gradual collapse of order within the guild, decided to disband it. The remnants of D.D.D then went to form smaller guilds based on their former positions in the battle guild, so they would be financially independent while preserving its former ties.

In the formation of the New Round Table Council, the D3-Hub takes D.D.D's place, while Rayneshia replaced Krusty as the representative of the Round Table.


Standing for "Princess Guard," this group is in charge of Rayneshia's protection. It is led by Takayama Misa.[1]
Standing for "Agri-Tech," this group specializes in large-scale agricultural support, research, and development. It has met large success since its formation.[2]


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