Dread Pack is a guild in the MMORPG Elder Tale. Although they have a small role in the light novel, appearing in only one chapter, their appearances are greatly expanded in the anime.


Dread Pack is one of the PK guilds that gained notoriety around Akihabara after the Catastrophe. The guild mostly consists of six members with high levels: a Samurai, two Swashbucklers, a Druid, a Sorcerer, and a Summoner. They ambush players around Akihabara in order to loot the items and gold they drop after their death.[1]


This party was formed right after the Catastrophe by Smash and his gang to fend for themselves and started PKing unfortunate players for items and gold after discovering that revival at the Cathedral is possible so they didn't need to regret doing it. They ambushed and killed Tohya and Minori when they wandered outside the city walls, stealing all their items and sending them to the Cathedral. Later, they encountered another group and tried to kill them but were ultimately defeated, with four members sent to the Cathedral, one escaped, and the last incapacitated; in the light novel, all six members are killed by Shiroe's team.

Log Horizon 06 - No hunting for you

Pororoca denies Dread Pack access to Silver Sword's hunting grounds

After a humiliating defeat, the party was still active, although two of their members left and they couldn't do anything, as major guilds such as Silver Sword and the Black Sword Knights had taken over the hunting grounds, which meant that they could neither PK anyone nor hunt monsters there, leaving them in depression.

In An Invitation From Eastal, the group has set up a ramen stand. In the episodes on, they are seen alternating through different jobs as necessary. During the Libra Festival, they apologize to Tohya and Minori for their actions at the beginning of the series and send them a bag of their hand-made toys as compensation, much to the children's embarrassment.

Log Horizon: West Wind BrigadeEdit

Smash and Rikopin make a cameo at the end of chapter 17, as the Crescent Moon Alliance sets up its refreshment stand as part of Shiroe's ploy.


Name Rank Class Status
Smash Guild Master Swashbuckler Active
Rikopin Member Swashbuckler Active
Stroganopp Member Druid Active
Katsuomaru Member Samurai Active
Unnamed Member Member Sorcerer Left
Unnamed Member Member Summoner Left


  1. Log Horizon Light Novel: Volume 1, Chapter 3


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