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Elissa is Rayneshia's handmaiden from the Corwen clan. Much to Rayneshia's displeasure, Elissa often meddles in her affairs, especially when Krusty is involved.



Elissa is a very formal person, always trying to get Rayneshia to wear formal dresses and silk pajamas, much to the latter's distaste. She is also trying to get the princess to be less lazy, to such an extent as to allowing Krusty to see her without her permission. As Rayneshia's longest-serving handmaiden, Elissa holds the most trust with her, and the two are able to be honest with each other.

Although she is a maid, she is rather bold, unafraid to put her own life in peril to defend Rayneshia.


Round Table Alliance arcEdit

Elissa makes a cameo as she brings Rayneshia to Duke Serjiad Corwen.[1]

Return of the Goblin King arcEdit

Elissa follows Rayneshia into the meeting between the Eastal nobles and the Round Table Alliance representatives. When Rayneshia revealed that the Ancients had disappeared, information that the nobles had attempted to keep a secret, she threw the room into an uproar, prompting Elissa to draw a knife[Of course, the anime was too much of a pansy to try animating this] in case they attempted to do something to her. Although this only served to stir up even more trouble, it was resolved when Krusty and Shiroe whisked Rayneshia back to Akihabara. Elissa remained in the Ancient Palace until the end of the extermination party, after which Eastal and the Round Table signed several treaties. There, Elissa was reunited with Rayneshia and went with her to Akiba as a representative of Eastal.

Libra Festival arcEdit

Fallen Guardian arcEdit

One night, after Rayneshia had attended one of her tea parties and was preparing for bed, she and Elissa conversed about the Adventurers. Rayneshia vehemently denied the attendees of her tea parties being her friends, something Elissa realized was likely the result of her upbringing, where she wasn't given much opportunity to interact with other girls her age.

After the success of Operation Capture, Elissa is seen carrying around trays of food at the pajama party.[2]

Collapse of the Round Table arcEdit

When Rayneshia has to make the decision whether to accept or reject the Saiguu family's marriage proposal, Elissa reassures the princess that she will remain by her side regardless of her choice.
After Rayneshia decides to go back on her agreement to marry into the Saiguu family, Elissa defends her decision despite the danger to her own employment when Rayneshia's mother, Saraliya, questions Rayneshia's judgement.

Other MediaEdit

Log Horizon TRPGEdit

Elissa serves as the head of communication in the TRPG, working alongside Coppelia16.

Log Horizon: New Adventure LandEdit

Elissa (LR)

Elissa sng

Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Druid Logo Druid Healer Rearguard Thunder icon
100 44654 35174 33600 40427
Fanges Grenade[Deal your attribute damage to one target and lower their Hit for 3 turns. 9-turn cooldown.] (LV1)
Gaia Beat Healing[A Druid special skill that heals all allies for 5 turns. 10-turn cooldown.] (LV10)
Draining Vine[Deal your own damage to a target and recover your HP. 8-turn cooldown.] (LV25)
Forestbeat Wave[Greatly restore all allies' HP for 5 turns. 12-turn cooldown.] (LV35)
Lightning Fall[Strike an opponent with a lightning bolt, dealing Thunder damage. All enemy Hate is directed towards you afterwards. 6-turn cooldown.] (LV45)
Stats are based off of max evolution, max level unless otherwise noted. The Luck stat is not included, as it does not display on character previews.

Description: An Elf Lander who serves as Princess Rayneshia's maid and best friend. Born into a fallen noble family, she was appointed to her position to learn manners and etiquette.

Special Effects:

  • Has a moderate chance of slightly lowering her target's Attack with a normal attack.
  • Has a moderate chance of slightly lowering her target's Defense with a normal attack.

Elissa can be recruited by drawing the LR staff Silver Knight's Cane.


Openwork Parasol
Openwork Parasol: Gorgeous and colorful parasol knit from fine yarn. A necessity for servants who protect their nobles from sunlight.
Brownie Duster
Brownie Duster: A magical cleaning tool given by a Brownie as reward for completing its quest. Increases the effectiveness of certain subclasses, raises friendliness of NPCs if given to them as a present. It's a mystery as to who gave this to Elissa.
Maid Clothes
Maid Clothes: A set of uniform for maids. Although some Landers use these, what Elissa wears is a special protective gear for her subclass. She seems to like this because it is comfortable and sturdy.

  • Hidden Blade: Elissa has a knife that can be used for self-defense. She drew it in Game's End, Part 2 to defend Rayneshia after her mistress had revealed that the Ancients had disappeared.


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  2. Log Horizon 2 anime, episode 8: Akiba Raid


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