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In Log Horizon: New Adventure Land, classes are treated differently from the way it would in the Elder Tale MMORPG. The player's avatar character can purchase classes with Job Points (JP), and can switch freely between any class they have purchased to create the best strategies. Classes have different builds: one basic build, at least two intermediate builds, and an unknown number of expert builds.

Basic BuildEdit

Enchanter basic pv

Outfits for a female Human and male Wolf Fang Enchanter, basic build

  • JP Points: 50
  • Description: One of the twelve classes, Enchanters are support units that are highly disadvantageous as solo players. Although their firepower is unremarkable, their strength lies in weakening opponents and drawing out their allies' potentials, indirectly changing the tide of a battle.


  • Mind Shock: Deal damage of your attribute and lower the target's Defense for 3 turns. 5-turn cooldown.
  • True Guide: For 3 turns, raise an ally's Hit Rate to 100% and slightly raise their Attack. 5-turn cooldown.
  • Darkness: Deal a small amount of damage of your attribute and reduce the target's Hit Rate for 3 turns. 5-turn cooldown. (This is also the build's Inherited Skill.)

Recommended Strategy: (subjective)

  • Enchanter is a good class for avatar characters, since the avatar's strength is largely determined by the sub-weapons they have equipped. If you give all your strongest weapons to your other recruited characters, it may be more reasonable to keep your avatar as a healer or support unit.

Intermediate BuildsEdit


Enchanter snatcher pv
  • JP Points: 200
  • Prerequisite: Enchanter Lv. 20
  • Description: A build specializing in debuffing special skills that hamper the opponent's abilities. It is a difficult build to master, as your only "weapon" are your special skills
  • Role: Support
  • Type: Rearguard
  • Good with: Staves and Spears


  • Mind Bolt
  • Darkness
  • Electrical Fuzz

Recommended Strategy: (subjective)

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