Escape is the fourth episode of the Log Horizon anime. It first aired on October 26, 2013. It corresponds with the fifth chapter of The Beginning of Another World.


The episode begins with Shiroe revealing information about the Half Gaia Project, which made Elder Tale half the size of the size of Earth. In Elder Tale, Ezzo Empire is located at north Crescent Island of Yamato in the real world.


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Rescue party arrives at Susukino

Naotsugu mentions that Brigandia was ruling Susukino, to which Akatsuki recollects that Brigandia had a bad reputation even before the Catastrophe. At that moment, Shiroe answered a call from Maryelle, who told him that she would talk to Serara. When Akatsuki asked Shiroe why they would meet up with Serara in the city, he answered that it might be dangerous to meet her outside since they might lose in a fight and revive at Cathedral in Akihabara, while Serara would revive at the Cathedral in Susukino. Although Serara was on Demiqas' friends list, he couldn't find her because she was in someone's private zone. However, the second she left it, they could find her at any moment. Because of this, Shiroe asked Akatsuki to hide herself using her Sneak and Silent Move skill and watch over Brigandia's members.

After Demiqas failed to locate Serara, Londark questioned why he was so eager to find Serara, to which the burly Monk replies that he had to teach Serara a lesson for running away. One of the Brigandia members told Demiqas that he saw two strangers enter the town. Suddenly, he could locate Serara's location.


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However, Shiroe already noticed that they were being spied on, and had Akatsuki keep watch while Naotsugu waited outside as he entered a crystalline building alone. Inside, Shiroe saw Serara together with Nyanta, and was surprised by the "Chief"'s appearance, confusing Serara. After Shiroe introduced himself to her, Nyanta told her that Shiroe was very smart and would surely have a very good plan. After Shiroe pointed out that Nyanta was still adding 'meow' to his sentences, Nyanta justified that it is the correct way for cat people to talk. Serara asked if Nyanta already was acquainted with Shiroe, and he lies that Shiroe usually checked him for fleas, which Shiroe quickly denies. Serara was glad that she could go back to Akihabara but wondered about Nyanta.

Shiroe told Nyanta that he was accompanied by Naotsugu and Akatsuki. As former Debauchery Tea Party members, Nyanta was familiar with Naotsugu, but not Akatsuki. Nyanta accepted Shiroe's proposal to accompany them back to Akiba, pleasing Serara. Just then, Akatsuki told Shiroe that Brigandia members were coming from the north, searching the town for Serara, and would arrive in about five minutes at the location. Shiroe then requested something of Naotsugu, and Naotsugu agreed. Shiroe told Nyanta that they would take the rear exit.

One of Brigandia's members told Londark that he saw one of the strangers with Serara. Londark wondered how they arrived, since the transport gate malfunctioned, although Demiqas was excited over the prospect of a fight.

As they walked across the town, many people were waiting for them at the town door. Serara wondered why they didn't attack them and Shiroe responded that fighting was not allowed in town and that they waited for them to exit the town. Serara asked how they were going to escape then. Shiroe answered that if they were letting them leave they would just leave. Serara said that if they left the town, all of them might be attacked. Shiroe told her that those people would try to kill them as soon as they left the town and that their first priority would probably be Nyanta. Once Nyanta was defeated, that would break Serara's will and they would be able to control her. Serara said with tears in her eyes that so many enemies were about to attack them and that they would die. Nyanta consoled Serara and told her that she didn't need to worry since Shiroe had a very good plan.

The Fight

Immediately after exiting the city gate the way is blocked by Demiqas and his guild. To ensure a one on one fight Nyanta and Shiroe begin to insult the level 90 Monk. It works and as the fight progresses Shiroe explains the Monk and Swashbuckler classes. As the fight continues Demiqas orders the rest of his guild to attack Nyanta, however Naotsugu intercepts them with Anchor Howl.

Londark orders the guilds mages to heal Demiqas, while Shiroe asks Serara to heal Nyanta. Soon it looks desperate for the rescue party as Naotsugu uses Castle of Stone, but in this moment Shiroe casts Thorn Bind Hostage in Demiqas, Nyanta seems to take his time then cuts the vines leaving Demiqas with 1 HP. Confused by this sudden turn of battle Londark readies a spell and orders the mages to recast heal, but without warning he and the entire mage squad fall having been slain by Akatsuki without anyone noticing.

Akatsuki realizes that the reason Demiqas' defeat, was that after Shiroe casted Thorn Bind Hostage, Nyanta waited until Shiroe's cooldown time had almost expired before striking so the spell could be recast and 9 vines were cut instead of 5. Akatsuki marvels at the teamwork without prior planning. With only 1 HP remaining Demiqas tries to strike Shiroe only to have Serara strike the final vine sending him to the Cathedral. Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Nyanta summon Griffins to start the journey home.

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Serara defeats Demiqas


  • In the light novel chapter that corresponds with this episode, Nyanta instantly kills Demiqas with Shiroe's Thorn Bind Hostage, and Akatsuki lops off Londark's left arm before Shiroe decapitates him with his short sword.