For the group, see Round Table Alliance Expeditionary Force.

"Expeditionary Force" is the eighteenth episode of the Log Horizon anime. It aired on February 1, 2014.



Upon arriving in Akihabara, Rayneshia can't help but marvel at the different culture of the city. Krusty excuses himself from the group to return to his guild leaving the princess with Shiroe. Shiroe introduces himself and Akatsuki to the princess.


Back at the The Palace Michitaka is wondering what purpose he has to stay while Krusty and Shiroe have gone back to Akiba. He looks over to another balcony to see Soujiro Seta surrounded by ladies of the court. Members of the West Wind Brigade are smoldering as they watch the ladies vie for Seta's attention. He smiles at his guild members and they turn giddy.


As Shiroe leads the princess thru the streets she is amazed at the sights and sounds of the city. Dread Pack watching from a balcony wonder if an event is happening. When they arrive at their destination Charasin formally introduces himself to the princess. While Shiroe and Charasin arrange equipment and armor for the princess. Rayneshia and Akatsuki are treated to Crescent Burgers by several young adventurers. Shiroe has Akatsuki help the princess change into her new outfit. The youngsters want to help Akatsuki instead Shiroe sends them off with another task. With the princess now uncomfortably dressed to impress they escort her to the meeting Krusty has organized in the middle of the city.


Hundreds of Adventurers have gathered waiting for a possible event. With a snap of his finger Shiroe illuminates the area with dozens of floating lights. Taking center stage, the area lights dim and he is surrounded by an ominous glow, he introduces himself as Shiroe of Log Horizon. He informs the crowd that a goblin army of twenty thousand has appeared in the northern Kanto Hills and threatens the Eastal League of Free Cities. Even without help from the Adventurers Eastal will not fall but they will lose about thirty percent of their forces. The Adventures should have no trouble defending Akiba and have no reason to save Eastal if they only care about themselves. He closes with however there is someone I'd like you to listen to and the stage darkens.

Shiroe, Krusty, Rayneshia in front of the mass of adventurers

At Krusty's signal multiple spotlights illuminate Rayneshia who makes a heartfelt plea for the Adventurers to aid her in defending Eastal.


A deafening silence follows Rayneshia's speech, then weapons crash to the ground horns blare as the Adventurers rally behind her with Krusty and Shiroe issuing orders forming the expedition to defeat the goblins as a quest from the Round Table. Krusty then takes almost half of the Adventurers, along with Rayneshia, to the Narashino Port while Shiroe heads to the Midraunt Equestrian Park to set up battle headquarters. In the meantime, Serjiad Corwen meets with Michitaka and Henrietta to explain the developing rift between the League and the Corwen family thanks to Rayneshia's actions and the power difference between the Landers and the Adventurers, although they decide to wait for a solution from Shiroe. Elsewhere, as Rayneshia ponders on the consequences of her actions, the training group makes a stand against the goblins at Choushi.
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Kill them all.

Finally, after Krusty and Takayama Misa divide the Adventurers into raiding parties, Krusty issues them the single order to kill all goblins.