Fisherman is one of the many role-playing subclasses in Elder Tale.


As the title suggests, a Fisherman's main job is to catch fish for food. Basically he is like the Hunter, but uses a more passive means for catching his prey, such as using fishing rods, lures and nets.

A subclass suitable for working in the sea. Reduces penalties for being underwater and increases the amount of time you can spend submerged. There is also a Slayer subclass-like effect when engaging aquatic monsters. It is a popular subclass that was implemented during the 2003 expansion pack, Silver Odyssey, when water travel and oceans became available.

Fisherman Skills

The skills of the Fishman may include the following:

  • Baiting hooks
  • Casting nets
  • Fish storage
  • Boating skills, (depending on which area is being fished)

Known Fisherman