Fisherman is one of the many role-playing subclasses in Elder Tale.


As the title suggests, a Fisherman's main job is to catch fish for food. Basically he is like the Hunter, but uses a more passive means for catching his prey, such as using fishing rods, lures and nets.

A subclass suitable for working in the sea. Reduces penalties for being underwater and increases the amount of time you can spend submerged. There is also a Slayer subclass-like effect when engaging aquatic monsters. It is a popular subclass that was implemented during the 2003 expansion pack, Silver Odyssey, when water travel and oceans became available.

Fisherman Skills Edit

The skills of the Fishman may include the following:

  • Baiting hooks
  • Casting nets
  • Fish storage
  • Boating skills, (depending on which area is being fished)

Known Fisherman Edit


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