Food Fighter is a roleplaying Subclass in Elder Tale.


The Food Fighter subclass provides three known benefits[1]:

  1. Consume food faster
  2. Immunity to poison
  3. Have a gourmet master's sense of taste

Game EraEdit

In order to acquire this subclass, one had to eat 100 pieces of sushi within a certain time limit. The subclass didn't have many perks, so not too many people had it.


Soon after the Catastrophe, it was discovered that Food Fighters could find the flavorless, menu-created meals delicious depending on their level. In fact, even if they fed someone else the food, that person would also taste real food, causing great excitement. However, trying to complete the subclass-changing quest for it proved to be immensely difficult.

Known SkillsEdit

  • Iron Stomach: Nullifies the effect of poison.
  • Taste of a God: Appraise items by their taste.

Known Food FightersEdit



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