Fuevel (also spelled "Fevel") is a Lander noble and an acquaintance of Rayneshia's. She is the granddaughter of Baron Sugana and is often seen with Appletta.


Fuevel has dirty blonde hair that is typically tied back into a ponytail, and wears a headband. She also is constantly seen wearing a blue dress that falls right above her ankles.[1]


Conference of the Lords arc

Along with Appletta, Fuevel came of age during the year of the Catastrophe and debuted at the annual Conference of the Lords.[2] Rayneshia, who had her debut postponed by her doting grandfather, is two years older than the two other girls.

She and Appletta were quickly swooned by Krusty, much to Rayneshia's dismay.

Return of the Goblin King arc

During the celebratory feast after the extermination of the main Goblin force, Appletta, Fuevel, and some other Lander children are gathered around, listening to a mysterious storyteller talking about a "great hero" as Shiroe passes by. Like the others, Fuevel is disappointed when the storyteller leaves the ending of the story a mystery.

Homesteading the Noosphere arc

Fuevel can briefly be seen at Iselus' birthday party, where he was announced as Serjiad's heir, clapping for him.

Go East! arc

While an amnesiac Krusty has met up with Kanami's Party on the Chinese server, Fuevel and Appletta are meeting Rayneshia. As it turns out, the two girls had already gotten engaged, leaving Rayneshia the only one that's still alone.


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