Game's End, Part 1 is the third volume of the Log Horizon light novel, and covers the Summer Training/Eastal arcs.


  • Prologue
  • Chapter 1: To Summer Camp (profile: Isuzu)
  • Chapter 2: Forest Ragranda (profile: Rundelhous Code)
  • Chapter 3: Negotiation in the Ancient Court (profile: Shouryuu)
  • Chapter 4: World Fraction (profile: Li Gan)
  • Chapter 5: Attack (profile: Serjiad Corwen)



Log Horizon

Crescent Moon Alliance

Eastal League of Free Cities


Alternate Titles

  • Chinese: 遊戲的終結【上】
  • French: Le couronnement du roi gobelin
  • Korean: 게임의 끝(상) (Korean version)


  • The term Ruquinjé (六傾姫?) is based on the Chinese reading for the characters, which would be written in pinyin as "liù qīng jī". Li Gan also later references the concept of qi, which has Chinese origins.
  • During Li Gan's explanation in the English translation, he mentions the "Northtrilia" Project. A more appropriate translation would have been "Norstrilia" (ノーストリリア?), as it is named after the science-fiction novel Norstrilia written by Paul Linebarger.
    • The races created by the Northrilia Project (Werecat, Wolf Fang, and Fox Tail) are a reference to the "underpeople" in Norstrilia—animals that were genetically modified to look like humans and possess human or beyond-human intellect. They are used as slaves and are generally despised by the human populace.
  • The Japanese version's Table of Contents misspelled chapter 3's title, losing the t in 'Court'. It also misspelled chapter 5's title, Attack, as 'Eattack'. The English translation fixed those mistakes.
  • In the French edition, just like with volumes 1 and 2, Game's End, Part 1 and Game's End, Part 2 were placed into the same omnibus volume. It uses this volume's cover.




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