Game's End, Part 1 is the third volume of the Log Horizon light novel, and covers the Summer Training/Eastal arcs.



Chapter 1: To Summer CampEdit

Chapter 2: Forest RagrandaEdit

Chapter 3: Negotiation in the Ancient CourtEdit

Chapter 4: World FractionEdit

Chapter 5: AttackEdit


Log HorizonEdit

Crescent Moon AllianceEdit

League of Freedom Cities EastalEdit


Alternate TitlesEdit

  • 遊戲的終結【上】 (Chinese version)
  • Le couronnement du roi gobelin (French version)
  • 게임의 끝(상) (Korean version)


  • In the Japanese version, the Table of Contents misspells chapter 3's title, losing the t in 'Court'. It also misspells chapter 5's title, Attack, as 'Eattack'. The English translation fixes those mistakes.
  • In the French edition, just like with volumes 1 and 2, Game's End, Part 1 and Game's End, Part 2 were placed into the same omnibus volume. It uses this volume's cover.


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