The stronghold of Akiba faces a new threat: a mighty goblin army! In their efforts to rebuild the city, the adventurers of Elder Tales had neglected important quests, and now they reap the consequences. With the revelation that in-game death leads to memory loss of the real world, the stakes have never been higher. And will cutthroat politics destroy tenuous new alliances before the real battle even begins?
—Yen Press summary

Game's End, Part 2 is the fourth volume of the Log Horizon light novel series and covers the Return of the Goblin King arc.


Chapter 1: The Return of the Goblin KingEdit

Chapter 2: A Lazy, Coward PrincessEdit

Chapter 3: Expeditionary ForceEdit

Chapter 4: Chase That BackEdit

Chapter 5: ContractEdit


Log HorizonEdit

Crescent Moon AllianceEdit


League of Freedom Cities EastalEdit



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