Genjirou (ゲンジロウ) is a male Wolf Fang Samurai who was first used as a demo character for the Log Horizon TRPG Rulebook. Like the other characters created as demonstrations for the TRPG, he initially did not have a name until an event was held for the mobile game to give them names.

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land


Genjirou sng

Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Samurai Logo Samurai LR icon Tank Vanguard Thunder icon
Max. LV[Maximum possible level, factoring all 3 uncaps. All stats are based on their maximum level.] HP ATK DEF SPD
100 55230 53673 52844 26933

Description: A crude and manly elder-brother figure. He has a weakness for pretty women, and has a particular mindfulness for his juniors that compels him to throw himself into danger to be heroic.