Gladiator is one of the many subclasses in Elder Tale.


As its name suggests, the Gladiator subclass is designed for PvP combat; as a matter of fact, it boosts all stats when the user is engaged in PvP.[1]

In Theldesian history, gladiators date back to the ancient Alv era. The wealthy and prosperous Alvs would select their most robust slaves to serve as gladiators, battling other slaves for entertainment. The Alvs, always hungry for entertainment, constructed magical buildings called Coliseums (‹Arena›) that held devices such as eletrical barbed wire and exploding walls. Human nobles succeeded the Alvs, turning Gladiators into a special occupation. Becoming a gladiator is known as a way for commoners to propel themselves into the upper rungs of society, but only a handful are capable of grabbing glory.[2]

Known Gladiators


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