Goat Slimes are a creature in Elder Tale. They were first introduced in the Log Horizon TRPG Replays, and were brought into the Log Horizon 2 anime after the Replay characters made cameos.

As part of the 2017 April Fool's joke, several Goat Slime characters, one for each Attribute, were released as recruitable units in the SNG; they are recruited by acquiring their "dagger" weapons. All their stats and descriptions are the same. (Despite being joke units, they actually have very serviceable stats.)

Log Horizon: New Adventure LandEdit

Goat Slime (Dark)

Goat slime sng dark

Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Assassin Logo Assassin LR icon Attack Midguard Dark icon
100 50000 50000 40000 40000
Dark Bite[5-turn cooldown.] (LV1)
Dark Ball[Hits all enemies. 5-turn cooldown.] (LV10)
Dark Aura[Raises attack power. 5-turn cooldown.] (LV25)
Dark Horn[Raises defense. 5-turn cooldown.] (LV35)
Darkness Stamp (LV45)
Stats are based off of max evolution, max level unless otherwise noted. The Luck stat is not included, as it does not display on character previews.

Description: This is not a plush toy that Hedgehog AK made in his spare time, but instead a real creature. Various coincidences and miracles overlapped, allowing them to ally with Adventurers. Each slime has its own personality and abilities, and while they cannot speak, they are still capable of communicating.

Special Effects: May restore a small amount of HP with a normal attack.

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