Goblin General is a Demi-Human monster in the MMORPG Elder Tale.



Goblin General

The Goblin General is a powerful unit among the Goblins, boasting strong fighting prowess and capable of commanding other goblins. Several Goblin Generals are known to be under the command of the Goblin King. Though not capable of using brilliant tactics, Goblin Generals attack by taking advantage of their armies' sheer force of numbers and ferocity.

A Goblin General has the ability to raise the morale of his Goblin army by standing on top of his mobile fortress, increasing the army's battle prowess. The mobile fortress is a manually-propelled armored chariot; the Goblins' equivalent of the modern tank. This skill and the army's large number can prove to be a troublesome combination. Goblin Generals are also known for having higher stamina and strength compared to other goblins.

Although much stronger than his subordinates, the Goblin General still proved to be no match on his own against a Level 90 Adventurer.


Return of the Goblin King arc

During the Return of the Goblin King event, Berserker Krusty finished off the main Goblin General with a single blow after destroying the majority of his army.


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