Half-Alv is one of the eight races players can choose from in Elder Tale.


Although the Alv race is extinct due to the war, they historically intermarried with humans because the last remaining Alvs were kept as slaves, and a Half-Alv child is sometimes born into a human family due to the emergence of recessive genes. Physically, they are almost identical to humans, with the exception of a tattoo-like mark on their tongues in the form of the Alv emblem.

Half-Alvs have a high affinity for ancient magical ruins. When Elder Tale was a game, a player with this race could occasionally have storyline bonuses.

Racial Skills

Skill Description
Analyzer You are an expert in artificial weapons created in ancient times. Unlike the descendants of its former creators, the Alvs, these machines can only be used for destruction.
Dimension Walker An expert in the Alv's transitory magic, you can freely control distance by sensing the world's fluctuations.
Native Operator You're a natural at operating various tools, from machines to apparatuses. Its complexity doesn't matter; you can use a steering carriage to an ancient Alv defense mechanism.
Parallel Mind A skill where your thoughts run in parallel, separating your physical movements from your mind when hit with a bad status.
Progressive Relic You have a high affinity for consumable items said to come from the ancient Alvs. You can even use complex items that cannot be used by other races.

Known Half-Alvs