For the expansion pack, see Homesteading the Noosphere.
Almost a full year has passed since Shiroe and the others found themselves stuck in Elder Tales. Most of the Akiba residents have grown accustomed to the new world--though, they still don't want to be there. Minori delivers Shiroe a letter from Roe2, his sub-character from the test server. He suspects she's someone who might be able to explain exactly why the Catastrophe happened and for what purpose.
—Yen On description

Log Horizon 10: Homesteading the Noosphere is the tenth volume of the Log Horizon light novel series. It is covered in episodes 22–25 of the Log Horizon 2 anime. The volume was actually written during the anime's airing, and was officially published after the anime already finished airing, on September 30, 2015 in Japan. Yen On's translation is set to release on February 20, 2018.[1]


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  • Two wallpapers were released on Mamare Touno's official site in honor of the release of Log Horizon 10; the illustrations used on the wallpapers are also found as color spreads in the volume itself.