Log Horizon: Honey Moon Logs is a spin-off of Log Horizon focusing on the Crescent Moon Alliance. It ended with a total of 24 chapters and 4 volumes, with the conclusion of the Round Table Council arc.



Differences from the Light Novel

  • In HoneyMoonLogs, Naotsugu's first interaction with Maryelle is when he helps Shouryuu rescue her, Henrietta, and Ashlynn. The light novel, his first interaction with her is when Maryelle finds them and brings them back to her guild hall.
  • Maryelle is cursed by a ring whose flavor text stated that its wearer would fall into a coma. Flavortext does not start activating until volume 6, six months after the Catastrophe.
  • Leoto is one of two HML-original characters, and unlike the other one, Nanami, has not appeared in any other Log Horizon media since.