A Horse is large animal that is mainly used for transportation and travel within the world of Elder Tale.


There are two types of Horses within the world of Elder Tale: Summoned Horses and Lander Horses.

A Summoned Horse is summoned by an Adventurer using summoning Magic and requires no need for food or water, although they can still be fed. A summoned horse also has a summon time limit before they can be summoned again. Furthermore, an Adventurer's body instinctively knows how to ride these horses, although they can still feel pain from it. Summoned Horses can be further broken down into several other types; for example, Shoryu has a war horse that he rode into the battle at Sand Leaf (cut out from the anime).[1]

A Lander Horse is a horse type just like their real world counterparts, and are mainly used by the People of the Land. They cannot be summoned, are bred, and require food and water to sustain themselves. 


Route 43 arcEdit

Tohya's Party as part of their quest to gain the ingredients for the Dazaneg's Magic Bag. They used summoned horses to transport there carriages along the route to Minami. As they traveled, Serara enjoyed feeding the horses cabbage even though there was no need for it.

On one of the nights, they forgot about the summon time limit so they had to leave the carriages behind and head for one of the Travel Hub Lander Towns, where the group provided a music band in one the bars and brought everyone within the town to listen to them playing.


  1. Log Horizon Light Novel: Volume 3, Chapter 5

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