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Akaneya, Volume 2 Appendix

Ichimonjinosuke Akaneya is a Human Sorcerer-Artisan and the guild master of Radio Market. He is a member of the Round Table Alliance as one of the representatives of the small guilds in Akihabara.




Round Table Alliance arcEdit


Akaneya's stats, as shown in Episode 9

Along with Woodstock W and some other small guilds, Akaneya was invited to Maryelle's meeting to create an alliance of small guilds. However, it fell to infighting and conflict of interest, and the other guilds walked out even as Akaneya attempted to calm them down. As Woodstock gruffly proclaimed that he knew it wouldn't work, Maryelle only looks down at the table in dejection.

Akaneya is later one of the guild masters invited to attend the Round Table Conference. He agrees to its formation and becomes one of the eleven representatives of the Round Table Alliance.

Fallen Guardian arc Edit

He was helping the Adventurers' Army in the invasion of Seven Fall Fortress to end the Goblin King.

Later on, he and Roderick develop an artificial arm for Misa. In the meeting, they comment that her arm must be in the same place where Krusty is; since the magical cure didn't work, that means the arm wasn't destroyed. Their prediction later turns out to be correct; not only is it with him, it also twitches within its wrappings, for reasons unknown.


  • Akaneya is among the players distinguished for having even more experience in Elder Tale than Shiroe. The only other player mentioned to be in a similar position is Nyanta, who has played the game since it was in beta.


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