Idol is one of the many role-playing subclasses in Elder Tale.


Allows the user to make music. Its capabilities are not to be underestimated, since it is can, when used properly, be almost at the level of a Special Title. An idol can gain some skills of the Dancer, Diva, and Musician subclasses.[1]

Known Skills

  • Charisma: Attracts attention from the surrounding area to yourself. Success rate of negotiations rises; that rate increases with each level.
  • Sweet Voice: Your beautiful singing voice can be heard even from far away. The target cannot mishear your voice. The range increases as you level up.
  • Etiquette: You are full of grace, the target can find you instantly. Automatic-triggering skill that draws attention towards you.
  • Dance: Your actions are nimble, resembling a dance.
  • Fame: Somehow, people know who you are, and you are well-known. Automatic-trigger skill.
  • Idol’s Love: Your love wraps around an ally, increasing CRIT, Evasion, and Accuracy for 30 minutes. Can only be used once per Raid.

Known Idols


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