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Indicus' relationships with various characters in the Log Horizon series.

Plant HwyadenEdit


After Nureha founded Plant Hwyaden in the wake of the Catastrophe, the two of them created a verbal contract in which Indicus promised to take control of the Yamato server while Nureha remained in control as the figurehead leader. While Indicus usually obeys Nureha's orders, there is one thing that she will not budge on: Nureha's relationship with Shiroe and her real-life history.

After Nureha escaped the confines of Minami, traveled to Akihabara to recruit Shiroe, and was subsequently rejected by him, Indicus takes a sadistic glee in telling the younger woman that Shiroe would never be interested in her.[1]

When Nureha finally rebels against Indicus, Minami was quickly split into two factions: the pro-war faction and Nureha's faction. Indicus, as part of the pro-war faction, began waging war against Nureha's faction, turning Minami into a war zone.[2]


KR finds her "interesting!", but Indicus would rather he just die. He has enough interest in her that, in the real world, he willingly bought and sent her a tablet so that she could participate in the Tea Party's offline meetings.


Kazuhiko is well aware of her plans and joined Plant Hwyaden to try and control the chaos she brings. However, KR notes that his actions are only strengthening the guild. Even during the Tea Party days, Kazuhiko worried about Indicus, although she only found him to be meddling. After Kanami and several other Tea Party members left Elder Tale, effectively disbanding the group, Kazuhiko stayed by Indicus' side while KR urged the remaining members to leave.

Debauchery Tea PartyEdit


While they were both in the Debauchery Tea Party, Indicus often mocked him, calling him "Fodder Glasses" or "Mob Glasses," for reasons unknown. Although he commends her abilities, she in turn sees him as a "show-off." However, upon learning that Kanami planned to quit Elder Tale when she moved to Europe to be with her husband, she swallowed her pride and begged, among others, Shiroe to try and convince her otherwise. However, he refused, and eventually left the Tea Party as Indicus had a mental breakdown.

After the Catastrophe, Indicus disregards Shiroe as "trivial" and does not see him as a threat to her plan. Nevertheless, KR says that he "won't stick to [her] plans." Furthermore, when told to cooperate with Eastal by Kazuhiko, Indicus calls Shiroe a "traitor." The reason for that is of yet unknown, considering that she does not call any of the other Tea Party members in Akiba as traitors.


When they were in the Tea Party, Indicus held a high respect for Kanami. In fact, she is the only member of the Tea Party whom Indicus has a favorable word to say about. However, Kanami simply sees Indicus as somebody who is "so serious~!", suggesting that she does not think nearly as highly about Indicus as Indicus does about her.

Indicus' dream of becoming the top group in the Yamato server, in spite of her efforts, was crushed when Kanami (along with several other members) quit Elder Tale due to real-life priorities. Her attempts to get other Tea Party members to convince Kanami to stay fell through, and Kanami left. As a result, Indicus has since fostered a deep hatred towards Kanami and wishes for nothing more than to tear the former members caught in the Catastrophe apart.


Although Indicus does not say anything about her, Suikazura views Indicus as a "stupid child." Suikazura was one of the members Indicus asked to try and convince Kanami to stay, but Suikazura refused. Some time after Kanami left, Suikazura left the Tea Party as well.


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