See also: Into the Theldesia 1 (Humans and Half Alvs), Into the Theldesia 2 (Wolf Fangs and Elves), and Into the Theldesia 4 (Fox Tails and Race of Rituals)

Dwarf Edit

Before the Catastrophe Edit

Dwarves of Yamato Edit

Dwarf Settlements Edit

Oceanic city of SadoEdit

Koorima CityEdit

Column: Obsidian Shielder Edit

"Corundum Hammer" Auguste

Column: Brontide Hole Edit

"Rushing Young Lady" Lucrèce
"Silver Right Hand" Serge

Typical TRPG Tags for Dwarf Landers Edit

Werecats Edit

Before the Catastrophe Edit

Werecats of Yamato Edit

Werecat Settlements Edit

Yokohama Edit

Union: Cat's Hand Edit

Panisle City Edit

Column: Bakeneko Mansion Edit

Werecat Peddlers Edit

Column: Chat Noir Edit

"Puss in Boots" Maya Konekuroto

Typical TRPG Tags for Werecat Landers Edit

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