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Landers and Adventurers Edit

Relationship between them after the Catastrophe Edit

Fox Tails Edit

Before the Catastrophe Edit

Fox Tails of Yamato Edit

Tailless Fox

Fox Tail Settlements Edit

Palmov Great Temple Edit

Ouji Village Edit

"White Tail" Tenko Yabitarazu
Hidden Village of Iga
"Izayoi" Millennia

Typical TRPG Tags for Fox Tail Landers Edit

Race of Rituals Edit

Before the Catastrophe Edit

Race of Rituals of Yamato Edit


Race of Ritual Settlements Edit

Ikoma Edit

Ritual of Kunie
Charity Hospital of Loka
"Director" Fol Oz Feinley

Typical TRPG Tags for Race-of-Ritual Landers Edit

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