Jered Gan is ReGan's old master, the former Sage of Mirror Lake, and the eighth seat in Plant Hwyaden's Ten-Seat Council.

Appearance Edit

He appears to be a elderly male elf with the characteristic pointed ears and has white hair. Being the former Mage of Miral Lake, he wears the same headwear as his former apprentice, ReGan.

Personality Edit

Synopsis Edit

Prior to the Catastrophe Edit

He was ReGan's master and the previous Sage of Mirror Lake. Before he left, however, he stole some documents in the Sage's library for reasons unknown. Whether ReGan is aware of this is unknown.

After the Catastrophe Edit

He joins the Plant Hwyaden and with his knowledge and magic powers, he pushed the frontier of development of new techniques together with Zeldys.

Summer Training arc Edit

When ReGan met Shiroe and Akatsuki he stated that his master was dead, what leads the speculation that ReGan was lying or that he doesn't know about the current position of his master.

Gold of the Kunie arc Edit

Jered Gan appears in the Ten-Seat Conference, teasing Quon who stated that he was awaiting a GM call.

Route 43 Edit

Like a significant amount of the Ten-Seat Council, Jered Gan is present on the Steel Train for Operation Red Night. He spends most of his time abusing Quon, hitting the Adventurer on the head with his cane whenever he believes that Quon is interrupting him.

Other MediaEdit

Log Horizon: West Wind BrigadeEdit

Jered Gan overlooks the battle between a maddened Nureha and Soujiro Seta, where he is intercepted by Nazuna. He gleefully tells Nazuna about the situation, laughing madly as the scene unfolds before the two of them.[1]

References Edit

  1. Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade chapter 42

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