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  • Servers: South and Central America, Korea, China, Scandinavia, Russia, Oceania

Medicine ManEdit

Medicine man icon

NA medicine man design

  • Server: North America

A Healer class that uses healing and protective spells, they draw power from the various totems spread around the earth. Their unique ability is known as Ghost Walk, which creates a temporary soul body to reduce damage. Furthermore, they can use a greatly expanded version of the Kannagi’s God-Summoning Ceremony as a self-buffing skill. Many skills are related to regional folklore, such as the Sacred Eagle totem, making them popular on video sharing sites.

Known SkillsEdit

Skill Description
Attack Skills
God-Dropping Ceremony Unknown effect.
Call Totem[1] Unknown effect.
Defensive Skills
Ghost Walk[2] [Damage Nullification] A unique magic of the Medicine Man class that diverts damage by transforming into an ethereal body.


  • Server: Southeast Asia


  • Server: India


  • Server: Middle East


  • Server: Western Europe


  • Server: Africa


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