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Plant HwyadenEdit


Kazuhiko's opinion of Nureha is unknown, although he seems to have a sense of pity for her after being told by KR that Indicus was merely using her as a replacement for Kanami. It is unknown whether he knows of her past or not, but he does not approve of Indicus' treatment of her either way, as he prevents Indicus from punching Nureha when the latter refused to buckle to Indicus' will.


Although Indicus persuaded Kazuhiko to join Plant Hwyaden, he merely did so out of a sense of duty to protect those in the city. Because he is powerless to stop Indicus herself, he uses the Wolves of Mibu, a organization within Plant Hwyaden that serves as his personal guard, to maintain order in the city and prevent the abuse of the Landers.

His worry for Indicus stems from the Tea Party days, as his comment about her states that he worries about her. However, she finds him meddlesome, something that also continues to the present day.


As fellow Tea Party members, KR trusts Kazuhiko enough to tell him that Kanami was returning to the Yamato server, something that he does not tell to Indicus (most likely due to her obsession over Kanami).

Mizufa TrudeEdit

Mizufa and Kazuhiko don't seem to get along at all, since he vouches for peace while she only wants war. Although Kazuhiko banned the use of EXP Pots by Landers due to the harm they would bring on their users, she blatantly disregards that in her assault of Sapphir. As she duels with Nyanta, Kazuhiko intervenes not to save Mizufa, but to keep Nyanta from killing a Lander. With Nureha's order to withdraw, he forces her to leave.

Log HorizonEdit


Kazuhiko views Shiroe as trustworthy, while Shiroe thinks that Kazuhiko is skilled. After the Catastrophe, Shiroe accepts Tetora's request to join the guild since Kazuhiko had attested to her skills. Whether or not they have interacted more after the Catastrophe is unknown, due to Plant Hwyaden's tight control over the spread of information.


Nothing is known about the relationship between Naotsugu and Kazuhiko, but they probably trust each other.


Kazuhiko respects Nyanta, as he steps into Nyanta and Mizufa's fight not to save his comrade, but to spare Nyanta from killing a Lander. Nyanta himself knows Kazuhiko enough to tell that the Catastrophe and Plant Hwyaden's actions have changed him.

Debauchery Tea PartyEdit


What Kazuhiko thinks of Kanami is unknown, although he was shocked by KR's statement that she was returning to Yamato. However, unlike KR, he is less interested in Kanami at the moment and is more concerned about the welfare of the city.


Although Kazuhiko doesn't comment about Suikazura, she sighs with resignation that "there's just no way," probably talking about his chivalric nature and his hatred towards hurting others.

Soujiro SetaEdit

Kazuhiko's thoughts about Soujiro are unknown, but Soujiro considers him to be his "senpai" and holds a large amount of respect for him that is probably only preceded by Soujiro's affection for Shiroe. Nazuna states that while she is incapable of changing Souji's mind, a word from Shiroe or Kazuhiko would.

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