This article articulates a list of all known items currently in the Log Horizon series. These items come under various categories, which are: 

  1. Ingredient
  2. Equipment
  3. Utility
  4. Furniture

All items are arranged by category, then alphabetically.

Ingredient ItemsEdit

Ingredient items are items required in the creation of production-class items.

Image Name Description
Coconia-fruit-log-horizon-s2-13-02 Coconia Fruit Appeared only in 2.14 Sweet Trap and Log Horizon: Nyanta's Fortune Recipes. It is commonly used in sweets and drinks. However, it is portrayed differently between the anime and manga (where it originated from); in the manga, it was just a popular common fruit. In the anime, however, it was an event item that could reveal what a person loved on February 14 (although it can reveal either platonic or romantic love).
Capture Imperial Forest Boar Meat Appeared in the Round Table Alliance arc. The meat dropped from Imperial Forest Boars is the standard meat used in Crescent Burgers.

Equipment ItemsEdit

See individual character pages for their equipment items.

Image Name Description
Magicbag Magic Bags Magic bags are common items in Elder Tale that increase inventory space and make it easier to carry items around. There were several grades ranked by their weight limit and the types of items that could be carried; Dazaneg's Magic Bag is one such magic bag. Items placed inside a magic bag will become weightless, although different bags have different weights themselves and can potentially weigh down its wearer. As a result, some heavier bags are carried by mounts instead of by people.

Utility ItemsEdit

Utility items include consumable items, talismans, and other items that can be used in or out of battle.

Image Name Description
EXP Holy Water EXP Pots Players under level 30, in order to allow them to catch up with mid-levelled players more quickly, are given an EXP Pot daily, which boosts experience gain, attack power, and recovery speed. Mizufa Trude later had her Lander Summoners use them in order to "power level" them during Operation: Red Night, causing them great pain. During the Round Table Alliance Arc, several guilds including Hamelin stole low level player's EXP Pots for themselves.
Panacea Panacea When drank, it cures all the negative status of the drinker.
Incense Revival Incense Revival Incense is contained within a special incense burner and will resurrect a dead ally or creature into a zombie by forcing the soul back into the body for 3 minutes. It is a Phantasmal-level item.

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