Komomo is a Werecat Swashbuckler who joined the Crescent Moon Alliance after being freed from Hamelin.


Komomo is short and thin in stature, with a feline face covered with dirty blonde fur with light brown markings, and has green eyes. He wears a red cloth wrapping around his forehead, a brown cloak around his shoulders, with a gray and green outfit.

In battle, he wields two daggers.


Having been a new and inexperienced Player when the Catastrophe occurred, Komomo would likely have fallen into a depression, which led him to being swayed to join Hamelin, which turned out to be worse.

He and all the other young Players were liberated, and most of them joined the Crescent Moon Alliance. Komomo also chose to partake in a training camp hosted by the Round Table for Adventurers below Level 30, indicating he wanted to improve and get stronger.

He displayed being friendly and excitable, but not much else is known of his personality.


The CatastropheEdit

Like several other newbie players, Komomo was tricked into joining Hamelin, where he quickly found himself at the mercy of its senior players and forced to hand over his EXP Pots while they had him trapped under their thumb.

Round Table Alliance arcEdit

Other MediaEdit

Log Horizon: West Wind BrigadeEdit

When Kawara participates in the Summer Training camp, she quickly gains the respect of Komomo and the ire of Shigeru.

Log Horizon: New Adventure LandEdit

Komomo is a Rare recruitable character in the LHSNG. He has a Super Rare [Awakened] version that is an event reward.



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