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"Living your life to the fullest 'til the moment of your death, this is the rule to live by in any world."

Krusty, Volume 2 Annex
Krusty Anime






In-Game Characteristics


Gender Male
In-Game Information

Guardian Logo Guardian

Class Level




Subclass Level







Demon Axe of Fresh Blood
Einherjar Armour

In-Game Status

Round Table Alliance

Real Life Information

Sayaka (step-sister)

Anime Debut

The Apocalypse (cameo)

Japanese Voice

Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井孝宏)

English Voice

Jay Hickman

Krusty, also known as Berserker Krusty (Crusty in the Crunchyroll translation of the anime), is the guild leader of D.D.D, the largest battle guild in Akihabara. He is a Guardian-Berserker and is the spokesperson of the Round Table Alliance. He has two Overskills, Hyperion Eye and Mnemosyne Taboo.

His real name is Kounoike Haruaki (鴻池晴秋).[1]


Krusty has fair skin and light brown hair, and in both the light novels and anime is described as having a handsome face. He is also quite tall, in the light novels being described as being over 6 feet in height and rather muscular.


Krusty is a natural leader, having led his guild to many victories. This makes him well-suited for leading the Round Table Alliance and its expeditionary force. Krusty acts like a noble when he speaks to Duke Sergead with a very gentleman-like manner.

Like Shiroe, he has a habit of pushing his glasses when thinking of something, he's capable of reading his opponents and manipulate them into moving exactly the way he wants. The difference between the two is that Shiroe excels at long term planning, whereas Krusty excels in the short term. He's also a brilliant commander and one of twenty Japanese players with any experience commanding legion-level raids (4x raids of 24x people each).

Nutty Krusty

Krusty's expression during the heat of battle.

Lander nobles see him as a noble because of his actions. During the Eastal Ball, Shiroe said his bearing was indistinguishable from the genuine nobles. Rayneshia, on the other hand, sees him for who he really is - a crafty, battle-hungry Blood Knight. He has much in common with Rayneshia: both are lazy, dislike politics, and try to stay out of it as much as possible. Both are excellent at manipulating people to act the way they want to. The main differences between the two are that first, Rayneshia would rather prefer a lazy lifestyle while Krusty prefers battles and raids, and second, Krusty is much better at manipulating people than she is. He spends so much time with her (to avoid interacting with boring nobles and merchants) that a rumor begins that there might be something going on between them.

Krusty's personality on the battlefield is a stark contrast to his normal self. During battle, he goes into a frenzy befitting of his Berserker subclass. Rayneshia noted that he looked like he greatly enjoyed battle, further proved by the murderous expression and killing intent on his face. His speech changes during battle as well, losing his calm tone and gentle words for the voice of a kill-crazed murderer. However, terrifying the changes are, they make Krusty an exceptional Berserker well-suited for the front-lines.


Prior to the CatastropheEdit

Krusty had a younger step-sister[1], Sayaka, who was much like Rayneshia. He also had a pet cat named Nobody[2]. He graduated from Yale University.[1]

Before the Catastrophe, Krusty led his guild to victory in clearing legion raid <The Oracle's Tower> on the European server, which other people from the server thought was impossible.


Krusty is mentioned by Maryelle and Shiroe as they discuss the situation in Akiba. They note his fame for completing legion raids that people of other servers believed would be impossible for the Japanese to defeat.

Round Table Conference arcEdit

Krusty was enjoying a Crescent Burger when the food product became popular.[3]

He receives the invitation from Maryelle and Shiroe to attend the Round Table Conference and decides to postpone D.D.D's next raid in favor of attending the conference due to Shiroe's influence in it.[4]


Krusty and his stats, as shown in Episode 9

Krusty is one of the guild masters who is invited to attend the Round Table Conference.[5]

Invitation to EastalEdit

Krusty defeats Knight

Krusty defeats the strongest Knight.

 As he is the representative for the Round table Alliance and the leader of the largest Combat Guild, he was elected along with Shiroe and Michitaka to go to the Conference of Lords at the Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice. It is here that he meets up with Princess Raynesia and uses her presence to avoid dealing with politicians and other bothersome nobles.

Return of the Goblin King arcEdit

After the invasion of the goblin hordes begins, Krusty and the other members of the Round Table Alliance discuss the matter and whether to get involved. At this point, he learns of the dangers of losing his memories every time he is re-spawned at the Cathedral and admits that he no longer remembers the name of his pet cat or what it looked like. 

After Rayneshia pleads with him to help her people fight off the goblins, Krusty takes the newly-constructed Ocypete to bring his forces to the battlefield and leads them in a blitzkrieg-style assault against the monsters. They easily slaughter the monsters facing them before taking a break. During their break, they hear Dire Wolves in the distance, bringing Krusty back into his battle-frenzy personality. After his forces decimate the hordes of Goblin Tamers, Krusty finishes off the  main Goblin General with a single blow.

Libra Festival arcEdit

Gold of the Kunie arcEdit

Krusty, Isaac, and their guilds leave Akiba to finish the Return of the Goblin King event. However, during the expedition, the flavor text of items and equipments begin turning into reality. Misa's scythe, which causes calamities, starts glowing ominously. Just as he grabs it away from her, the light engulfs both him and her right arm before disappearing with them.

Route 43 arcEdit

Three months after Krusty's disappearance, he still has not been found. Without his presence, many of D.D.D.'s members have left the guild, much to the Round Table Alliance's concern.[6]

Hoomsteading the Noosphere arcEdit

It was discovered that Krusty somehow got transported along with Takayama Misa's arm to the Chinese server and then joined Kanami's Party, but before he could manage to talk with Shiroe, the communication link between the TV station in Shibuya and the TV station in the Chinese server was severed. Unperturbed, he then wonders whether Misa or Rieze would be the first to reach him.


Demon-Axe of Fresh Blood
Demon-Axe of Fresh Blood: A level 90 Phantasmal-class two-handed axe. Attracts monsters and raises its attack according to Hate. Amongst the currently known weapons, it boasts the highest attack power so it is much yearned for by many Adventurers. It was acquired in a European server legion raid.
Einherjar Armor
Einherjar Armor: Said to be only worn by brave warriors being led by Valkyries to battle at Götterdämmerung. Phantasmal-class full-body armor of ebony steel. Significantly raises strength and stamina. Reduces damage from Giant and Undead types.
Second Rage
Second Rage: Stone bangle that cancels cooldown of Berserker skills and allows its reuse. Prolongs death by 10 seconds by sending wearer into a state of frenzy. Also referred to as 'Rage Again'.


  • Krusty is named after the Simpsons character. Mamare chose this name after seeing a figurine of the character.[7]


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