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Takayama MisaEdit

Krusty and Misa knew each other in real life through unknown means, although it seems to be something Misa is displeased about. Nonetheless, she sees him as a friend and remains at his side in D.D.D.

While Krusty's opinion about her is never voiced, he seems to think of her as a friend as well; when Calamity Hurts' flavor text begins to literally crush Misa, Krusty immediately wrenches the scythe out of her hands and pushes her away, causing him (and her arm that she reached out to try and grab him) to get transported to China.

(Volume 11 spoilers) When Krusty is nearly defeated and killed by Papus, Misa's severed arm glows, and her voice comes from it, encouraging him to get back up and figure out a way to defeat it.


Kanami's PartyEdit





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