Leoto is a Wolf Fang Swashbuckler affiliated with Nureha. He is a real-life associate of Maryelle's and seems to have a slight infatuation with her. Like several other characters in the Crescent Moon Alliance and Nanami, he was introduced in Honey Moon Logs. Unlike them, however, he is never seen or mentioned in any other media.


Leoto chara sheet

Leoto's character sheet

Leoto has the appearance of an older teenage boy with a rather cocky attitude. In real life, however, he is only twelve.


Leoto enjoys pushing peoples' buttons, and Shouryuu's in particular. He obeys Nureha and is unafraid to harm even Maryelle, who he knew in real life and is fond of.


Prior to the CatastropheEdit

Leoto lived on the same street as Maryelle.


  • Spear: Leoto primarily uses a spear in combat.



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